As part of our continuous improvement United Children always looks for new programs that can bring us closer to a more sustainable practice.


The Achievement Program


As part of our continuous improvement United Children is taking active effort in the Achievement Program.

The Achievement Program gives you a simple, evidence-based framework to create a healthy learning environment and support the health and well being of everyone in your service. Give children the best possible start to their learning and development and boost staff productivity – at any age, healthy people perform better.




For more information on this program please visit The Healthy Together Achievement Program website.


Coles Junior Landcare Garden Grants


As part of our continuous improvement, one of our centre’s were successful in applying for a grant through the Coles Junior Landcare Garden program.


The application was based on our request of planting an indigenous/native garden with the children.


We chose this topic as it sits under 2 areas of the NQF (Sustainability and Indigenous Culture). This was a good way to look at indigenous
culture in a non-tokenistic way.




For more information on the program please visit The Junior Landcare website.